Renault Trafic: Transmission – automatic

Renault Trafic: Transmission – automatic

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Vehicle Description

Looking for a comfortable and spacious home on wheels for your Icelandic adventure? Look no further than the Renault Trafic campervan! This versatile rental vehicle is perfect for solo travelers, couples, and small families, offering ample living space and convenient amenities. Enjoy a comfortable double bed that easily converts into a dining area during the day, as well as a fully-equipped kitchenette with a sink, gas stove, fridge, and cooking utensils. Plus, with plenty of storage space and a power supply for your electronics, you’ll have everything you need on the go. The Renault Trafic campervan is powered by a reliable and fuel-efficient diesel engine, featuring an automatic transmission and cruise control for optimal control and smooth driving. With large windows that offer stunning panoramic views of Iceland’s natural wonders, this campervan is perfect for nature enthusiasts and photographers. And don’t worry about Iceland’s chilly weather – the campervan is equipped with a heating system and insulation to keep you warm and cozy during your travels. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the open road and explore Iceland’s magnificent landscapes at your own pace with the Renault Trafic campervan as your trusty companion!