Choosing the right insurance for your car rental in Iceland is essential. Iceland is a beautiful country with dramatic landscapes, but it has extreme weather conditions and gravel roads that can cause damage to your rental car. Insurances save your back in case of damage. Without them, you would have to pay for this damage out of your own pocket. In general, we highly recommend you get good coverage to reduce your self-risk.


You can find below all the insurances you can add to your reservation with Rijo Campers.

The rental fee includes Collision Damage Waiver insurance for all of our camper vans. With the CDW insurance, the renter is liable for damages up to 3000€.

Covers the vehicle against damages to the windscreen, headlights, mirrors, the hood or any other part of the vehicle when gravel or rocks get thrown onto the car by another passing vehicle. Self-risk/excess is 350€. Price: 12€/day

Exception Exception

Campervan rental insurance does NOT cover:

– Negligence

– Reckless driving – speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

– Damage to tires, headlights, windscreen, and undercarriage

– Damages caused by nature wind

– Damages caused by sand and ash storms

– Damages caused by driving into water


Other useful information about insurances

I have credit card insurance. Can I forfeit the CDW?

If you have insurance through your credit card and wish to decline our insurance, we will happily assist you. Just make sure you will be well covered by your credit card insurance. Please note that there is no refund of CDW Insurance in case you forfeit it.

Do I need to pay for the damage when I return the car?

In Iceland, in case of damage, you will first pay the car rental for the damage and then get reimbursed through your insurance provider. The amount to pay depends on the type of damage (if it is covered or not by the insurance), the car rental insurance plan of the customer and the self-risk amount.

Can I add additional insurance after I have made a reservation?

You can book your insurance during the booking process, upgrade your insurance by sending us an email, or add some insurance when you pick up the car at our office.

Is Roadside Assistance included in the rental? Do I need to pay anything for it?

In case you have any problems during your journey, we offer breakdown services by calling our phone number or contacting us at info@rijocampers.is. We provide Roadside Assistance and cover the cost if it is due to a fault in the rental vehicle. If it is not due to a fault in the rental vehicle, Rijo Campers does not cover the cost for roadside assistance, but we will assist you in getting the help you need during office hours.

Do you have any questions?

If you still have questions about our insurances or want to know more about car rental insurance in Iceland, we encourage you to contact us at info@rijocampers.is